1 /teIp/ noun
a) (U) narrow plastic material covered with a special magnetic substance, on which sounds, pictures, or computer information can be recorded and played: on tape (=recorded on tape): We've got the film on tape. | I don't like the sound of my own voice on tape.
b) (C) a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound on; cassette: Turn the tape over when it's finished. | William lent me some of his Beatles tapes. | blank tape (=with nothing recorded on it)
c) (C) a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound and pictures on; videotape: Police have seized a number of magazines and tapes.
2 PIECE OF MUSIC/FILM (C) a recording of a performance, piece of music, speech etc on tape
(+ of): I'd like a tape of the concert.
3 STICKY MATERIAL (U) narrow length of sticky material used to stick things together; sellotape BrE; scotch tape AmE: a parcel fastened with tape
4 THIN PIECE OF MATERIAL (C, U) a long thin piece of material used for various purposes such as marking out an area of ground or to tie things together
5 the tape a string stretched out across the finishing line in a race and broken by the winner
6 FOR MEASURING a tape measure
—see also: red tape 2 verb
1 RECORD STH also tape record (I, T) to record sound or pictures onto a tape 1 (1)
2 FASTEN STH also tape up (T) to fasten a package, box etc with tape 1 (3)
3 STICK STH (T) to stick something onto something else using tape 1 (3): He had a picture of his girlfriend taped to the inside of his locker door.
4 INJURY also tape up (transitive usually passive) especially AmE to tie a bandage 1 firmly around an injured part of someone's body; strap 2 (2) BrE: We've got a nurse to tape that up for you.
5 have sth/sb taped BrE informal to understand someone or something completely and have learned how to deal with them: You can't fool Liz - she's got you taped.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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